For want of a better two word explanation Leon is a rocket scientist. Travelling really fast through the atmosphere generates a lot of heat due to friction from the air. Leon’s work looks at how to stop things that do this from melting. It’s pretty hard to travel fast enough to melt something unless you drop the object from space and so this problem usually only applies to rockets and re-entry vehicles.

Leon’s work doesn’t look at rockets though, in fact rockets are a rubbish way to get to space. Ideally you’d like to fly there in some sort of plane, but to do that you need a special (and non-existent) type of engine called a ”scramjet”. Leon is currently a post-doctoral researcher working with the University of Texas at Austin researching scramjet technology.

When Leon isn’t sciencing the science he can be found talking about it. Leon is very passionate about science communication. In a sense communicating science is more important than the science its self, after all what use is a discovery if it dies with its discoverer?

Leon has been featured on numerous websites including: The BBC, New Republic, The World Economic Forum, The Huffington Post, and Gizmodo. He is a boardmember for the Dumper Project, an active member of the Austin Global Shapers and also serves as an agenda contributor for the World Economic Forum.